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Current CASA Volunteers can find needed links and information on this page.

Current CASA Volunteers use a data management system called Optima to document their work on cases. Remember to document all case-related activities and log all time donated to CASA. Your timely documentation of time and activities allows staff to better monitor cases. Also, the CASA office uses donated volunteer hours as an in-kind match for our federal grant funding.

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New CASA Volunteers undergo 35 hours of pre-service training before they are sworn in as Court Appointed Special Advocates. Part of the training is in-person classroom work, a portion involves practice in a lab setting, courtroom observation and an online component. Click the Moodle Room logo above to access the flex training system.

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CASA Volunteers submit their reports to the Court in written form. CASA Volunteers are required to report on the child's wishes as well as recommendations related to the child's best interests. Be sure to turn your reports into the CASA office at least 10 days before your hearing. Click the graphic above to access the CASA report template. Call your supervisor with questions.

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The National CASA association offers a list of books relating to the role of a CASA volunteer that can be used towards continuing education hours. If you have a book that you would like to apply towards hours that is not listed, reach out to a Volunteer Coordinator.

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This handbook provides policies and procedures specific to the role of a Athens County Court Appointed Special Advocate/ Guardian Ad Litem. This handbook is meant to be a reference to be used with the training manual. It is subject to change at any time. 

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To end the pre-service training, Athens CASA offers a learning lab where trainees get hands-on practice before being assigned a case. This is an opportunity to practice introducing themselves, interviewing and experiencing a mock-case. Fake Optima provides the full CASA experience while giving them a platform to document the simulated case experience.