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Athens CASA has been closely monitoring and coordinating with public health officials to continue providing a high level of best interest advocacy while keeping children, families, colleagues and volunteers safe.

We review and update our interim policies and procedures related to operations during the pandemic. These are subject to change and do not supersede instructions from CASA staff. 

The resources featured below are designed to assist and support your work with children during the pandemic.

COVID: Programs
Stay Safe Home Visiting

Safe Home Visits

In person visits are largely discouraged, although there are times that a face-to-face interview is required.

What if... Then...

Safety Concerns

Conducting a virtual visit presents unique challenges. Reference this guide to assist in your response to safety concerns that may arise during your virtual visits.

Pre-Interview Planning

Pre-Interview Planning

Successful visits start with thoughtful planning. Check out these tips and suggested language to use when arranging meetings with caregivers.

Communicating with Kids


Review this powerpoint presentation to access tips and strategies for maintaining effective communication with children.

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