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Getting to Know Carly Leatherwood

December 12, 2019

Carly Leatherwood joined the board at the Friends of Athens CASA in 2017. She was elected to serve as President in 2018, and remains in that leadership position. She has led with energy, compassion and a great sense of humor. We sat down with Carly to get a closer look at the woman who seems to do it all...

What do you do personally and professionally when you're not changing children's lives through your work with Friends of CASA Board?

I am fortunate to work for my alma matter, Ohio University as its spokesperson. I lead the communications services team at University Communications and Marketing. In addition to my service with CASA, I also volunteer as Chapter Advisor for my sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta. When I have time to relax, I love to travel and go to concerts.

What got you involved in the Friends of CASA Board and what keeps you coming back?

A friend was on the Board and asked me if I was interested in joining. To be honest, I didn't know a lot about CASA back then, and when I started to do my research, I was inspired by the fact that this program is truly driven by its volunteers, who selflessly donate their time to helping children who are experiencing difficult circumstances at home.

What's your super power?

I am a fire fighter - I thrive during crises, which is probably one reason I was drawn to my professional career.

What do you love most about the Athens community?

The people of Athens are so giving with their time, and there are tons of ways that an individual can get involved and contribute.

What would you say to someone reading this that might be thinking about getting involved with CASA?

My experience with CASA has been so very rewarding. We are working to support an extremely important cause, and you won't find a more caring group of people who will make you feel so very welcome. Additionally, without our volunteers, we would not be able to accomplish so much for children in Athens county who really need this support.

You've heard it here, folks. Carly Leatherwood is a gem to our community and certainly to Athens CASA. If you are interested in joining the Friends of Athens CASA Board, you can start by becoming a member of the Friends of Athens CASA here and then submit an application for consideration to a board position.

The Friends of Athens CASA is a volunteer-run non-profit organization's whose mission is to support the work of the Athens CASA/GAL Program.

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