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Bullying prevention: What can you do?

July 31, 2018 | Katie Lescano

Last week we had a CASA in-service presented by Reggie Robinson, community coordinator with Health Recovery Services. Reggie explained bullying can mean many different types of things, and can take on many different types of forms.

According to the online source, the definition of bullying is, “Aggressive behavior that is

1. Intended to cause harm or stress

2. Exists where there is an imbalance of power, and is

3. Repeated over time.”

The four main types of bullying are:

1. Physical: Punching, choking, pushing, etc.

2. Verbal: Harsh/offensive/insulting comments, teasing, hate speech, etc.

3. Relational: Exclusion from social groups, etc.

4. Cyber: Harassment via technology/internet.

Who are the bullies? Based on statistics and the in-service training, most bullies do have high self-esteem, and have a desire to feel powerful and in control.

What can we do, to prevent bullying? We need to refuse to be a Bystander! Do something! Help the victim escape the situation, work on separating the bully from his targets, and try talking to each the victim and the bully. Spread awareness to prevent bullying, help each other!

To learn more about bullying, and how to prevent it in schools, click the link below for more details:


About the Author: Katie Lescano is a Summer Child and Family Studies Intern at CASA about to finish her last week. Katie is about to finish her final year at OU.

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