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Get to Know the CASA Team: Annie Burns

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Annie Burns is an Ohio University student studying Child & Family Studies hailing from Urbana, Ohio. She is completing a full time internship with Athens CASA during the 2021 Spring Semester.

What brought you to work for CASA?

I first heard about CASA through one of my CFS classes. Jenny Stotts had come to talk to our class about the CASA program. I instantly viewed their website and began to do more research. I have always wanted to be an advocate for children whose voices may not be heard. I also have always had an interest in the court system and the social work aspect. I really enjoyed that it was a very tight knit community, and the staff makes you feel as if you’re a part of them very early on. This internship has fit my needs perfectly.

Why is CASA important?

CASA is important for many different reasons. CASA gives children who may have been neglected or abused a voice. They offer so many valuable services for these families. CASA’s advocate for the best interest of the child inside and outside of the court system. This program is so important because they can provide stability and emotional support for children/families going through one of the toughest times in their life. Become a CASA and Change a Child’s Story!

What is your favorite CASA memory?

I haven’t been at CASA very long but I would have to say that my favorite memory was sitting in on a case that was finally closed. Watching all of these people come together in the best interest of the child is something that was amazing to watch and showed me what CASA was all about.

Describe your educational and/or professional background.

I am a senior at Ohio University studying child and family studies specifically Child Life. Previously I was working at a daycare here in Athens. I also completed a 75-hour practicum at The Gathering Place which is a peer recovery organization that serves adults with mental health issues and substance use disorder here in Athens County.

What is something interesting you learned recently?

Within the first week and a half of my internship I have learned that it is totally fine to be nervous about a new opportunity, but it is also important to come out of your shell, ask a lot of questions, make new connections, and make sure to immerse yourself in the experience.

What do you do outside of work?

Outside of work I love watching true crime, reading autobiography’s, hanging out with my roommates, trying local restaurants and coffee shops, hiking around Hocking Hills and working out.

How do you wind down? Any self-care tips?

It is always important to practice self-care. Some of the ways I enjoy winding down is being alone with a book or journal, I enjoy escaping reality with a good book, I also like writing out my thoughts. I enjoy “me time” as well that may include a face mask, lighting a candle, essential oils, etc.

What is one thing people may not know about you?

I love to travel. I had the opportunity to study abroad in Greece for a month. It was such an amazing experience.

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