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Shared Cohort
Pre-Service Training

In late 2018, Athens CASA formed a partnership with the Ohio CASA Association to offer a user-friendly and cost effective hybrid training platform for CASA programs across Ohio. Utilizing the revised National CASA Association curriculum, Athens CASA developed an online learning platform to complement the in-person sessions. The platform is based on Google products and tools, eliminating most compatibility issues.

To improve staff and volunteer efficiency, a shared cohort for online studies is currently being offered to all CASA programs across Ohio, up to six times per year. The goal of this project is to pool resources, share facilitation responsibilities and offer opportunities for programs of all sizes to provide robust, responsive and timely training for prospective volunteers.

Review our tentative training calendar to choose the cohort that best meets your needs. Schedule your in-person or live virtual sessions based on the weekly schedule.

Access suggested outlines, slide decks, handouts and more. You can copy these read-only files to edit as needed.

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