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Our Advocates: Michael Jones

August 20, 2018 | Kalei Edenfield

Meet Michael Jones

Michael Jones was a part of the most recent training cohort at Athens CASA. He is currently rocking it with another CASA volunteer on his first case. We are excited to have Michael as a Court Appointed Special Advocate! We sat down with him and talked more about why he chose to #bethedifference both as a CASA and in his professional world. Learn more about him below:

Michael, you have been spotted at our annual Reindeer Run and Superhero Run before what brings you out?

I can confirm these sightings are true. I was drawn to these events as I believe physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle are very important, and these are great ways to show my daughters examples of this importance. I actually heard about CASA through this event. Once I read more into what CASA was all about it just felt like the right thing to volunteer with. I've actually tried volunteering with a few organizations over the last few years and for various reasons nothing ever quite worked out. Plus I got to dress up like an elf and a super hero, so that's a huge plus as well!

*Michael and his wife sporting festive elf and reindeer hats at our annual Reindeer Run.

So, you are now a Court Appointed Special Advocate. What made you decide this was the right volunteer experience for you?

I feel it is necessary because so many kids are not represented in the court systems. The parents are always the focus, with the children being left without a voice. And that's why CASA is so important, because it gives these children a voice in a system where normally they don't have one.

Some may say that being a CASA volunteer takes up too much time. What would you say back to them?

For a living, I am actually in the US Army. I am the Recruiting Station Commander for the US Army Recruiting Station in Athens. This basically means that I supervise and recruit for the US Army and Reseve in Athens as well as the surrounding areas from Glouster down to Wellston, and from McArthur out to Coolsville. I also have two daughters, Kira who is three, and Ellawyn who is one. If I can manage all this and two daughters, and volunteer with CASA, then anyone can do this.

Feeling inspired by Michael's ability to balance his volunteer life and personal life and his passion for the cause? You too can become a CASA volunteer. We are accepting applications now for our Fall training cohort that begins in October. Be like Michael and represent one of the 42 remaining children in Athens County awaiting a CASA volunteer.

Apply today >>

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