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Know the WHY behind WHAT you do!

September 11, 2018 | Tara Huffman, Volunteer Coordinator Athens CASA/GAL Program

Tara Huffman, Volunteer Coordinator for Athens CASA is our blogger this week and wanted to share this with you.

"I believe it is worth taking a minute or 3 to consider the WHY behind WHAT you do every day, start by watching the above video.

My husband, John, recommended I watch this video the other day.  He is an elementary Art Teacher in Athens County, and in my opinion, the best one around.  He is passionate about Art and amazingly kind and understanding with children.  He knows the WHY behind WHAT he is doing every day.  He knows that children, in addition to traditional subjects like Math and Reading, need an outlet in school to be themselves and just maybe find something else they are extraordinary at.  He is a smiling face for children at school, someone who is excited to teach them about Art.

I'd like to think I also know the WHY behind WHAT I am doing every day.  I am passionate about helping families stick together throughout challenging times in their lives.  I appreciate and respect all kinds of family dynamics and culture.  I come to work every day thinking about the most vulnerable children in Athens County and try to Be the Difference in their lives.

Think about your WHY today!"

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