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Annual Thermal Totes for CASA Fundraiser

July 10, 2018 | Catherine Hauschild, Thirty-One Gifts

For the past 4 years I have had the privilege to support the CASA program by providing thermal totes for the children served by the program in Athens County. As a small business owner (Thirty-One Gifts, Independent Executive Director) part of my mission is to give back locally. I was first introduced/found out about the CASA program about 8 years ago when a close friend became a CASA volunteer. After learning more about the program & how many children in our county are a part of this program I knew that I wanted to be able to help impact them in a positive way. I contacted Jenny to see if I organized a way for community members to donate personalized thermal totes for the start of the school year would be helpful. Jenny right away said yes!

That first year my goal was 31 thermals. I was amazed when we blew right past my goal. Each year it continues to grow & we are able to impact more children…..from as young as toddlers thru young adults. Not only was I impressed with how many thermals we were able to donate but thru sharing via Social Media friends & family from across the country got involved & wanted to help! I will continue to offer this opportunity as long as there is an interest/need for it—it is one of my favorite programs & ways to give back with my business…..our children are the future . I have been so touched by the stories that Jenny & the CASA volunteers have shared when they have delivered these to the children… so many don’t have anything to truly call their own & rarely anything with their own name on it! Again, it amazes me that something as simple as a thermal tote with a name on it (that for so many of us is a part of regular school shopping) can make such a difference in the life of a child in our community. Would you consider spreading the love & kindness to a child to start the school year? If so, please fill out this google form:

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